Where Will You Go When The Tornado Sirens Sound?

Integrity Storm Shelters

has been installing fiberglass underground storm shelters to families, businesses and industry for nearly a decade in the IN-KY-IL tri-state area.

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Integrity Storm Shelters has nearly 30 years of experience, ensuring that your storm shelter will provide life-saving safety during the severe weather that is common to Southern Indiana, South Eastern Illinois, and North Central Kentucky.

We added ALL WEATHER SAFE ROOMS™ brand above ground safe rooms to our line-up in 2011. Persons with mobility issues, or difficulty with stairs, can now consider the value of adding strong protection to their emergency preparedness plans. Exterior models have been added in 2012—providing scalable approaches that can protect 100 or more persons in community, commercial and industrial settings.

Evansville, Princeton, Huntingburg, Henderson and other Ohio River Valley residents are not strangers to severe and deadly storms involving tornadoes and high winds.

Integrity Storm Shelters positively differ from typical underground storm shelters that are fabricated from either concrete or metal. Local earthquakes and mine blasting operations damage concrete structures. Underground metal shelters may become electrified by a storm's downed power lines. Your basement may flood or ensnare you in collapsing building debris. Our US-made fiberglass underground shelters are durable, clean, dry and seal-out rodents, snakes and insects. We sell and install only the best because your life—and that of those of whom you care about—may depend upon it. Our shelters come in various sizes to meet your plans.

May is Severe Weather Preparedness Month

You can be ahead of the storm as Federal, states and local government emergency preparedness agencies remind residents and businesses of key personal safety steps to survive brutal weather events.

Preparing a family or business emergency
plan requires a safe destination.

Integrity Storm Shelters is your destination for safety.

Families Rely on Integrity Storm Shelters

Integrity Storm Shelters is your family's first line of defense when the sirens sound. Safety drills with your children's babysitter will provide them with the confidence to use our product—even if you are out for the night.

Your Community, Business, Mobile Home Park or Factory May Benefit from Our Selection of Larger Shelters

Integrity Storm Shelters provide a higher degree of personal safety when a storm strikes versus what is available with typical "interior walls" or "huddle in the restroom" emergency plans. Tornadoes are not required to flatten office, retail, manufacturing or residential property. High winds injure and kill, too. Ask us about our selection of larger models, as you consider your safety plans.

An on-site Integrity Storm Shelter not only increases safety, it may also reduce your insurance premiums, too. Your shelter from the storm is Integrity Storm Shelters.

All of our fiberglass storm shelters meet or exceed FEMA and ICC 500 Standard Requirements for in-ground shelters. Learn more about FEMA and ICC specifications and our shelters here »

Integrity Storm Shelters is where the Tri-State goes to prepare before the sirens sound.

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